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Welcome to Canadian Clay

by Frank Trotz

Canadian lands and waters

Why is it called Canadian Clay? The name aptly describes the imagery of my work. The colours; greens, browns, black, and gray, in my work are the colours of Canadian lands and waters as seen from 30,000 feet. I use only one glaze, a clear glaze, because I work with colours in clay. I mix various kinds of clays to achieve the various textures in my work. I was told long ago that I should not do this, that different kinds of clays would not work together. I’m still doing it, with great success. Every piece that I make gets sanded on my downdraft table, because the colours are inside the clay and I need to get inside the clay to make the colours come alive.


All of my work is handbuilt, so each piece is unique, even if it is part of a set of dinnerware.

When you put out a set of my dinnerware on your dining table, you will see 24 unique pieces. When you set up one of my large vases, you will be amazed with the movement of the piece. When you hang one of my wall pieces in your garden, you will see constant change through the seasons.

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